Battlefield Vietnam


A nostalgic trip down memory lane. Battlefield Vietnam has stood the test of time.


It lost the main gamespy servers, crushing quite a lot of the player base. Yet it still stands!


There is a solid community that is still playing this game and we are always assisting new players along with OG players from way back when!


This is our grass roots game and as long as players play it – we will have a server or server(s) for it! We will help where we can and have had a great success rate in getting BFV to work with the latest hardware and windows versions.
Semi-vanilla all maps rotation

Our Battlefield Vietnam server boasts vanilla maps (with a few small modifications) and runs all the maps the game came out with. Check them out below!


Because of this games age, we kept our rules as basic as possible to encourage players to join in once more. Please click the button below to view our rules for BFV.

Our server join info, ranks & who’s online at the moment.