Please note: A donation, regardless of amount, does not grant the donor special privileges with Fireside Gaming Community.

We here at -[FGC]- are a group of dedicated gamers. Our roots stem from a previous clan that used to be our home, we broke away to start off anew, taking new risks with new games. We wanted something that we could proudly call ours.

By the support of our community, we have succeeded in that aspect. Every moment we are looking at new avenues, ways to expand and grow with new games.

This community, this clan, is an investment (not financially speaking) but in terms of time. It takes a true investment of time and effort to ensure that our players have a seamless experience when joining one of our servers. We pride ourselves in being there for our community, just as our community is there for us.

Of course though, as enterprising as we are, a little bit of help now and then would not go unappreciated! If you would like to contribute to our cause, there is a very easy and safe way of doing so.

We make use of Group Pay. This enables anyone who would like to donate, to send the donation directly to FGC’s account with our server provider (Ping Perfect). This means that your donation 100% goes towards server costs.

By clicking on the donate button below, you will be taken to Ping Perfect’s public pay page, where you can enter any amount over $3.50 (USD). This is a transaction that can be done via PayPal only.